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Çadır Detayları

Çadır Detayları

Bell Tents

Ideal for camping, holidays and events

Perfect choice for your camping, hunting or vacation plans. It offers a pleasant and cool shade feature when you remove the walls, especially in hot climates and summer times. With its light design and ease of use, it will offer you a completely different camping experience. The waterproof 100% cotton canvas fabric keeps the heat inside in cold weather, allowing you to light a stove or fire, while in hot weather it creates a cool canopy unlike polyester tents. It does not create carcinogenic effects such as PVC coated fabrics or polyester fabrics during long-term stays inside. Canvas tents, unlike petroleum products, do not remain as waste for hundreds of years. Even when your tent has completed its useful life, it does not create any pollution, and the cotton fabric disappears in a short time in nature. There are versions of 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters in diameter. Depending on your preferences, you can contact us by e-mail or phone to get price information.



- 350 gr / m2 light, waterproof 100% cotton breathable canvas fabric.

- 520 g / m2 waterproof polyester floor covering

- Easy to install (up to 5 minutes to erect the pole and drive the piles)

- Durable bone zipper connecting the floor and tent.

- Foldable durable steel tent pole

- Internal fly screen on the tent door.

- Ventilation shaft for the best ventilation.

- Fireproof stove chimney hole suitable for stove pipes with a maximum diameter of 12 cm for stove installation.

- 4 meters (4-5 persons), 5 meters (6-7 persons) and 6 meters (9-11 persons) size options.


Tent height;

In tents of 4 meters: 2.5 meters

In 5 meters tents: 2.8 meters

In 6 meter tents: 3 meters


Tent weights:

For 4 meter tents: 20.0 kg (including floor tarp and pole), 9.5 kg (excluding floor tarp and pole)

For 5 meter tents: 27.5 kg (including floor tarp and pole), 14.1 kg (excluding floor tarp and pole)

For 6 meter tents: 39.0 kg (including floor tarp and pole), 19.6 kg (excluding floor tarp and pole)


In the FAQ section, you can examine how to use your tent in the most effective way depending on your needs.


Check out the tent maintenance guide for the longest lifespan.


The production time is approximately 3 weeks from the date of order.

Contact us immediately for price and information according to different size options!

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