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Forged Yakut Knife - Handmade Forged Knife

Yakut knife is a world-famous masterpiece. Most of the masters who make forged knives aim to make them properly. But it is beautiful, useful and quality as well as difficult to do.

This knife, which is not the same on both sides, has a forging mark on one face and a straight face on the other, is a multi-purpose knife found on the waist of every man in Northern Siberian Turks. It is a very valuable knife with its flat one side, its structure that makes it easier to strip without leaking the skin, its oval tip allows carving and its cultural value from the past to the present. Our blade, which is produced in 56-57 HRC hardness, is sent with a small sharpening stone attached to its sheath so that it can be sharpened easily and does not break in the cold climate (-60 C) of the Yakut Autonomous Republic.


Steel: Forged Steel

Total Length: 21cm (Different Length Options Available)

Blade Length: 10cm

Tread Thickness: 4,0mm

Handle Length: 11cm

Handle Type: Hidden Tail

Blade Form: Yakut Knife

Sheath: 4mm Calfskin Hand Stitched Sheath

Hardness: 56HRC

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