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Damascus Hunter Pro - Handmade Damascus Steel Knife

Power, functionality, elegance and history all together. The Bushcraft Hunter Pro model is an aesthetic beast made of damascus steel. With its humpback blade form, it is a knife suitable for both cutting, splitting and stabbing. Moreover, it is equipped with the strength and beautiful patterns of damascus steel. Nice patterns of Root Turpentine Tree wood accompany damascus steel. If you want to get a knife that really works in nature and also beautiful at the same time, it is not possible to make a better choice than this. Moreover, if you wish, you can order a second knife together and keep the two blades in a single sheath.


Steel: Forged Damascus Steel

Total Length: 28.5cm

Blade Lenth: 17,5cm

Tread Thickness: 6mm

Handle Length: 12cm

Handle Material: Root Turpentine Tree Wood

Handle Type: Full Tank

Pins: Brass Mosaic Pin

Sheath: 4.5mm Buffalo Skin

Hardness: 59 HRC

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