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Who is Kağanlık Nature Equipments?

Our Foundation Story

Kağanlık Nature Equipments was established in the light of passion and longing. For ourselves, for our family searching for the best for, we found it in the deep beauties of our history that have sunk into oblivion. What is sad is that when we say we will modernize, while forgetting the beauties that we already have, we realize the value of the beauties that are ours in the west. While we couldn not find ony one or company in the Turkey for buying a Yurt, in the west, there are a lot of companies producing Yurt and Teepee Tents and  with their countries high producing costs, those tents were inaccessible for our our people. On the other hand, our camp equipments were produced entirely with commercial concerns and we became the prisoner of uncomfortable products that were incompatible with nature, harmful to the environment and people. Winter camps were a cold ordeal, summer camps meant to be overwhelmed by the heat. For those who knew the quality of canvas tents instead of polyester products, the jaw-dropping prices of imported products were discouraging.


As Kağanlık Nature Equipments, as a result of our touristic trips, historical researches and sampling studies, we decided to bring the past to the present by combining the Felt Yurt Tents and Teepee Tents exactly and true to the original, combining the high quality possibilities of our country in textile with our engineering knowledge. In order to escape the difficulties of city life and provide a comfortable camping experience to nature lovers who want to relax in nature. We have adapted modern camping versions of the Teepee Tents.

As a result, we found what we were looking for, and for those who searched but could not find, we are happy to be a solution.

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