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Kara Börü:(Black Wolf) - Handmade Forged Knife

Kara Börü(Black Wolf) is a forged knife that knife lovers will admire. This blade, which can function as an axe or a machete on the mountain, can also function as a hammer with the back of the hammer handle. With its aggressive form, large structure and balance, it is very suitable for pruning branches, chopping wood or splitting wood thanks to its 7mm tread thickness.


Steel: Forged Bearing Steel

Total Length: 35 cm

Blade Length: 23cm

Tread Thickness: 7mm

Handle Length: 12cm

Namnu Width: 6.0 cm (At the widest place)

Handle: Hybrid Stabilized Handle

Handle Type: Full Tank

Pins: Mosaic Brass Pin

Sheath: 4.5mm Buffalo Skin Sheath

Hardness: 59 HRC


Note: All our knives are made to order. The lead time for Kara Börü is 3-4 weeks.

You can contact us to order.


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