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Viking Tents

Ideal for camping, holidays and events

You can enjoy it in your garden, on your holiday or even camping...

Historical facts were not researched, real conditions were not reflected, it was based on series of films that were not taken into consideration, and it was not condemned.

Viking spirit, on your land that does not require development rights or municipal permits.

For you, your friends and your children.

Your garden is a very special choice for your camping, hunting or holiday plans.

Especially in hot climate regions and during summer times,

With a comfortable and cool shade feature as well as lightweight design and ease of use.

It will offer an extraordinary camping experience of its size.

Waterproof acrylic fabric keeps the heat inside in cold weather,

The possibility of lighting a stove or fire is extended,

In hot weather, a cool canopy is created, unlike polyester tents.

It does not create carcinogenic effects like PVC-coated fabrics or polyester fabrics during long-term stays. In order to be used in cold climates, it can be added by changing the felt layer.

Canvas tents are simple and waste-free, unlike oil roads. Your tent does not require cleaning even at the end of its life, cotton fabric products continue in a short time.

There are 2x3 meter, 2.5x4 meter, 3x4.5 meter versions.

To get price information based on your preferences

You can contact us by e-mail or phone.


- 350 gr/m2 lightweight, waterproof acrylic breathable canvas fabric.

- 220 gr/m2 waterproof polyester floor covering

-Easy plug-in installation system (15 minutes to install the wooden body with the plug-in system and tear the fabric apart)

- Strong velcro band connecting the ground and the tent

- Embroidered/unembroidered or painted/unpainted larch tent poles upon request

- Tent door with velcro strap

- Optional chimney hole with fireproof fabric.

Tent Dimensions;

   -2x3m (6m2) 2 Persons, Height 2.15m

-2.5x4m (10m2) 3 Persons, Height 2.7m

-3x4.5(13.58m2) 4 Persons, 3.2m

in the FAQ section

depending on your tent needs

How to expand most effectively?

For the longest lifespan, check out the tent maintenance guide.

Production time order quantity is about 3 weeks.

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