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Scythian Spear Knife - Handmade Forged Knife

The Scythian Spear Knife was inspired by a spearhead from Pazirik Kurgan in the Altai Territory. This spear form used by our nomadic ancestors Scythians is a model that attracts the attention of knife lovers as a hunting knife. In addition to its original structure and simplicity, it is a value of 2600 years that has emerged with the power of forged steel.

Steel: Forged high carbon forged steel from bearing

Total Length: 26cm

Blade Length: 15cm

Tread Thickness: 5,5mm

Blade Width: 45mm (Widest Place)

Handle Length: 11cm

Hilt Tree: Ardaklı Hornbeam Stabilized Tree

Handle Type: Hidden Tail

Sheath: 4.5mm Buffalo Skin Sheath

Hardness: 60HRC


Note: All our knives are made to order. The lead time for the Scythian Spear Knife is 3-4 weeks.

You can contact us to order.

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